How to create new puzzles with any image

One of the methods for creating new puzzles is copying the screen contents into BrainsBreaker and then cropping the unnecessary parts.
For example follow the steps below and you will have a new puzzle of what you are seeing now (the screen as you see it):

    1) - Windows: Press the "Print Screen" key (it's at the right of F12).
    - Mac: Press the keys Command-Shift-3 simultaneously (more info here).
    2) Run BrainsBreaker and it will show a message window saying "Image detected in the Clipboard, do you want to create a puzzle?" Press the Yes button.
    3) The program will enter in the jigsaw creation screen: You'll see the screen as it was when you pressed "Print screen" and, at the right-bottom, a window where to type the title for the new puzzle and the number of pieces for each level.
    4) Before hitting Ok you should crop the whole screen to select only the part that will be actually the puzzle. To do it, click the mouse and drag it, you'll see a rectangle that shrinks and grows. The inner of that rectangle will be the actual image of the puzzle.
    5) Now click on the Ok button (the one like a green V) at the window of the right and you should see the new puzzle available.

This same procedure can be done whenever you have in the screen any good image to be turned into a puzzle, explore here for some web sites with great stuff.



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